Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Swatched: Orly Viridian Vinyl

On one of my many rambles through eBay I stumbled across a couple of Orly polishes being sold off consistently cheaper than others. Whats wrong with these polishes I asked myself.

The Answer? Not a sausage. This is Viridian Vinyl, a gorgeous teal that claims to be matte but as you can see it comes out as a more rubberized finish than truly matte.

All the photos take are three coats without topcoat, so I didn't ruin the non-gloss finish. The colour is gorgeous (but once again I'm biased as teal is my favourite colour) and the formula of the polish itself was really nice - smooth and fast drying.

Compared to what we normally pay for Orly in the UK I got this for a steal - for some reason this, Old School Orange and Glam Rock (a matte metallic copper) always seem to be cheaper than other polishes from this brand. I have no idea why, as both the colour and the finish on this one are super cool.

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