Monday, 14 October 2013

BarryM Textured Glitters - Countess, Duchess and Majesty

When I saw the two halves of BarryM's Autumn/Winter releases I nearly had an excitement based fit - one half was brown, nude, red and black matte polishes and is super awesome, chic and a good staple for the coming seasons. The other half was textured glitter polishes that are similar to the OPI Liquid Sand polishes in finish, except with a big helping of sparkle thrown in for good measure.

I picked up three of the five glitters in the collection - clockwise from top left in that image above is Countess, Duchess and Majesty - and here they are in all their sparkly and shiny glory.

Warning, post below the jump will be image heavy.
First up is Countess, a beautiful deep purple with incredible amounts of colour in the glitter. This one sparkles green and copper when the light hits it and is such a unique polish - I know I've got nothing quite like it in my stash.

All the photos below are three coats, but they're all very pigmented so 2 coats is probably fine if you're careful or if you've got shorter nails.

Next up is Majesty, which is a gorgeous old gold colour. This would make an excellent accent nail for a Christmas party, its so eye catching! Its insanely sparkly, I might have spent at least five minutes just blinding Mr Painted Claws with its glitteryness haha.

And the third that I picked up from this set was Duchess, the nude based one with gold & silver glitter. This is easily the most understated of the collection, almost wearable as a day to day polish.
The nude base makes this polish very chic and sophisticated, I'm quite in love with nudes this winter.

These polishes are super textured so a little filing is probably best on the edge of he nail to stop them catching and snagging on things - especially tights. These are beautiful colours through and they're going to be so amazing for the Christmas season.

Has anyone else picked up any of the new BarryM  polishes? What do you think?

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