Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pokemon Challenge Gen II, Round 5 - Flying

I was so impressed by Rachael's HootHoot nails for round 1 - he's a dual Normal/Flying type that I thought I'd try it myself for the flying round!

Conveniently I have an Orly polish called Nite Owl which is the base for this mani, with the darker brown being NYC Park Avenue, a colour I absolutely love. Its such a classy cool brown.

Hoothoot's eyes are done in Nails Inc Draycott Place, and his teeny teeny beak is also Nails Inc, this time Blenheim Terrace. The pink one, not the blue. More on that utter confusion in another post!

Tips are all freehanded, and the outline for the eyes was done with the awesome BarryM Nail Art Pen in black. That has been one of my most useful purchases this year - I don't know how I'd have managed half my pokemon nails without it!


  1. So adorable and so well-drawn!!!! :) I love your polish nite owl, sooo pretty!

  2. yay! Glad you love night owl.. its beautiful as part of Hoothoot!