Thursday, 8 August 2013


That's right ladies, I'm off on my holidays.

From the 11th to 26th of this month I will be in (and around) sunny Faro in the south of Portugal, doing very little except swim in the sea and read in the sun.

This isn't just a holiday for myself through - I'm taking this chance to give my nails a nice, polish free fortnight. I'm also cutting my nails right down, which is going to be very different as my nails are very long for me at the moment.

There will be posts whilst I'm away, including a guest post by one of my Chief Enablers, Rachel of Racho's Nail Love and (hopefully) my challenge nails for the two challenges I'm participating in at the moment.

When I get back however, there will be plenty going on - I've had quite the haul for my birthday, as well as trying to get my hands on some Kiko polishes whilst on the continent, so I'm sure that will more than make up for the slight quietness that may creep in over the next two weeks!

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