Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pick N Mix Week 3 - 60s / Matte or Texture

I'm really cheesed off about this week - I did have an awesome monochrome 60s geometric mani done, I even wore it to work for a week.... then I forgot I hadn't photographed it and took it off to do my nails for a night out.

When I realised I'd not actually done any photos I could have actually kicked myself - it took ages to do all the taping and painting.

I then remembered that I'd just gotten the three new matte Silks from the BarryM winter release and I was busting to try out Forest. How could I resist?

Forest is a beautiful dark teal colour and dries to a gorgeous matte finish like the rest of the silks range. A lot of people aren't massively fond of this finish but I love it to bits. The three silk polishes that have been released for autumn / winter 14 have a bit  more of a slight shimmer to them than the pale pastel silks that were released around easter, but that may simply be more noticeable due to the richer, darker jewel tones that have been released.

This silk also has a little hidden secret that sometimes show up in the bottle, but mainly shows up if you topcoat ...

Purple duochrome! The teal shifts sharply though blue straight to purple once top coated, making this such a surprising polish.

Plus it looks fantastic with a glossy coat over the top.

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