Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pick N Mix Week 2 -3 colour Gradient / Pink

Week 2 of the Pick N Mix challenge, and the prompts this week are 3 colour gradient and Pink.

My nails aren't really long enough for 3 colour gradients at the moment - I cut them right back when I went on holiday at the end of august and they've been quite slow in growing. I also have quite short nail beds, so its not the best.

Instead of a 3 colour gradient including pink, I went for a pink ombre - I have far more pinks than I thought I did!

For my pink ombre, the polishes I used were:

  • Thumb - OPI Sweet Heart
  • Pointer - Nails Inc Warwick Aveue
  • Middle - Nails Inc Sugarloaf Sunset
  • Ring - Nails Inc Hertford Street
  • Pinky - Ciate Cocktail Dress

Also featured in this weeks pics is my new go-to top coat - I'd read loads of reviews of quick dry topcoats all over the web that mention INM's Out The Door as a fantastically quick drying topcoat, but as INM aren't sold in the UK I despaired in ever finding a bottle. TK Maxx is proving to be a wonderful treasure trove for finding beauty items that aren't usually found this side of the pond.

To add a bit of flair to the simple ombre look, I added a stamp from MoYou Gothic plate 04 on to my ring finger and finished it off with a plain black rhinestone. 

I think the pale pink - OPI Sweet Heart - is far too pale for my skin, but I love the girly look of the pink ombre. What do you guys think?


  1. I like this creation, I'm such a big fan of your nail art creations! <3