Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pick N Mix Week 15 - Dotting Tools / Pink & Aqua

I'm really fond of odd colour combinations. Orange and blue, purple and green (Hulk smash), and pink and aqua.

Alas, my aqua turned out a little more green that I wanted.

The polishes used for this mani were Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, A England's Rose Bower and OPI Alpine Snow for the base.

I have to say I really like Alpine Snow, its a fantastic white. Covered and flat in two coats, I think this might replace my previous go-to white base which was Models Own Hypergel in White Light. I still use Sinful Colors Snow me White for nail art though, as it goes wonderfully thick and is great for painting on little details.

Turquoise and Caicos stamped really well, which I was suprised at for a polish that is normally so sheer. Rose Bower was a little reluctant, but it got there in the end bless it.

These nails were stamped using MoYou London's Pro 14 plate, with the orchid design on the bottom row.

I love MoYou London's plates, they're really my favourite of the stamping plates I've tried so far - but I have only tried three different brands!

Do any of you have any stamping brand recommendations? And do you like this week's mani?


  1. That's lovely - must try something similar as I have that plate. I don't know what other brands of plate you have, but the Born Pretty Store ones are good, and I also love the CICI & SISI plates.

    1. I keep hearing good things about CICI&SISI plates, think I might have to pop them on my Amazon wishlist :)