Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Monochrome Party Nails

*** Some of the items in this post were provided free of charge for honest review ***

Born Pretty Store kindly provided a few items to me for review in the middle of last month - this is the first of 3 posts showing you these items and how I've chosen to show them off.

I've shopped at Born Pretty for a while now for a lot of nail art items - they've got such an enormous selection its pretty much a given that everyone can find something they like in there. Its like an Aladdins cave. My current clean up brush was bought from here, as were some of my small, thin nail art brushes and you really can't beat the quality for the price they charge. Only snag is delivery takes a while as they're based in Singapore, but its free so its totally worth waiting for.

These black/duochrome rhinestones were the first thing I went for - I love the duochrome flash on these as the light hits them. As Christmas is coming the first thing that popped in to my head was a Christmas Party look with these - nothing like a bit of bling to add to your party night, right?

You get three sizes of rhinestone in the wheel from Born Pretty - I've used the medium and small rhinestones here to create a monochrome sideways french look. The large rhinestones are very large, and I'm pretty sure one would have mostly filled my little fingernail so if you've got very tight C curves or little nails then the biggest rhinestones might not be the greatest things on the planet for you.

Base for this mani was Models Own Hyper Gel in White Light. I always use this as a white base if a mani requires it now - its a lovely super shiny polish that covers really well. If you're looking to keep the rhinestones on for more than a few hours I'd really recommend using nail glue, but I just placed them whilst my topcoat was wet and top coated around them to anchor them a little more.

As a bonus for you guys, Born Pretty have also given me a discount code to share with yourselves - just enter the code AIWW10 at the checkout and you'll get 10% off any order!

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