Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pick N Mix Week 7 - Wild Animals / Yellow

I am a secret lover of yellow nails. Painted yellow, not just stained from too much polish yellow. I think they look super summery as long as you find the right tone of yellow for your skin. If you pick the wrong one you tend just make your hands - and thus by extension, yourself - look a little ill.

I tried this mani first with pastel yellow and had to change it - I liked the colour, but a) I wasn't sure if it liked me, and b) it got totally overpowered by the dark grey.

Just a simple mani this week, this is Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival for my yellow nails and BarryM Gelly Chai for my two grey nails. I was going to try and do bows but in my practice beforehand things were coming out badly so I stuck to a simple almost french mani.

I do love grey with bright colours, and yellow is no exception. It always makes me think of the early days of spring when things are still all grey and horrible from winter but theres still a bit of spring in the air.

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