Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Pick N Mix Week 6 - Domestic Animals / 3 shades of blue

Late post this week and I do apologise - work has been super hectic and its been all that I could do to keep awake for tea before falling asleep on the couch.

This is what should have been posted last week, which was domestic animals OR 3 shades of blue.

I went with 3 shades of blue.

This is actually my second try at 3 shades of blue - my original attempt was full of chevrons and looked great in my head, however I picked the wrong blues and it didn't come out how I'd hoped at all.

These nails are a base of BarryM Silk Mist on my thumb, pointer and pinky and BarryM Gelly Blue Grape on my middle two fingers. Blue Grape kinda freaked my camera out a bit when I was taking these photos, its so saturated a colour it starts to overpower everything around it a little. 

The french tips were done with Dance Legend High Voltage (New Prism 11) which has such a fantastically strong holo rainbow in it. I love the Dance Legend holo polishes, they've got such a strong rainbow to them its just amazing. 

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